SG-DX-20 Double Van-Veen


The double grab configuration allows for more efficient sampling operations in deeper waters, reducing the time needed on the vessel. Nonetheless, the system is suitable for projects in both shallow and deep waters. Our double Van Veen grab also has an option of a deck stand for sea-fastening and for emptying the sample.

The Double Van Veen Grab is designed for comparable sampling where samples for chemical and also biological analysis are required from the same site. The grabs are mounted on a common pivot and each bucket has the capacity to collect a sample of approximately 0.10 m2. Similar to the Salish Sea design the double Van-Veen comes with a weight frame and release mechanism which makes it ideal for hard substrates such as clays and gravels.


Bucket size: 20 cm penetration,

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Sampling area: each of 2 at 0.10 m2

Category Description

Grab samplers are the industry standard tool for the collection of surface sediment samples. Grab samplers are ideal for use on seafloors in hard or mixed substrates. The Van Veen Grab Sampler is a clamshell style grab designed to sample sediment in water environments.

The sampler was invented by Johan van Veen (a Dutch engineer) in 1933. The use of the Van Veen’s grab is very simple which has made it the industry standard for surface sediment sampling.

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