SG-35 Salish Grab Large


The Salish grab is a modified version of the standard Van Veen with weighted frame and release system ideal for collection of sediments in soft to hard substrates.  This design was optimized for the challenging conditions of the Salish seas were bottom substrates are often a combination of clays and rock mixed with silts and sands. The Large model is ideal for chemistry and bioassay sampling with a penetration depth to 35 cm and ample volume for large collection and biological studies.


Bucket depth: 35 cm penetration

Material: 316 Stainless steel with lead blocks

Sampling area: 0.18 m2

Category Description

Grab samplers are the industry standard tool for the collection of surface sediment samples. Grab samplers are ideal for use on seafloors in hard or mixed substrates. The Van Veen Grab Sampler is a clamshell style grab designed to sample sediment in water environments.

The sampler was invented by Johan van Veen (a Dutch engineer) in 1933. The use of the Van Veen’s grab is very simple which has made it the industry standard for surface sediment sampling.

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