RIC 5500 Vibracore – Rental


The RIC 5500 is a heavy duty electric vibracoring system that can operate at depths up to 500 meters and produces up to 10-meter cores. The RIC unit uses an electric motor to produce 3,500 to 5,500 ft/lbs of impact force at a frequency of 1500 vibrations per minute (VPM). Because the VPM of the RIC system is less than most standard vibracore it is often accepted for geotechnical testing.  In addition, the reduced frequency allows for an increased weight set that magnifies the amplitude of the system providing far more power for consolidated materials (strike power).

The core system is most commonly contained in a seafloor frame with legs, although it can be run with floats outside of a frame. The RIC system will accept core tubes up to 10 meters and includes a pivot check valve adapter which mounts to the vibratory head for easy swap-out on deck. A power cable is used to deploy the system, which includes surface power and data/controls. The RIC series is a proven coring system with over 40 units produced and has been used successfully in deep ocean waters, shallow fast-moving rivers and everywhere between.


*3 units available in rental pool


Dimensions: 20 in x 30 in x 30 in

Weight: 300 lbs

Core tube diameter: 3 or 4 inch tubes or custom to customer specifications

Category Description

Vibracoring is a technology and a technique for collecting core samples of underwater sediments and wetland soils. The attached core tube is driven into sediment by the force of gravity, enhanced by vibration energy. The vibrations cause a thin layer of material to mobilize along the inner and outer tube wall, reducing friction and easing penetration into the substrate. The liquid spaces in the matrix allow sediment grains to be displaced by the vibrating tube. Vibracoring works best on unconsolidated, heterogeneous sediments and soils.

All Ocean Instruments Vibracore systems include a proprietary control system to adjust the force output frequency of the vibrohead. Our Vibracorer systems can also be provided with Ocean Instruments SMRT unit providing real-time depth monitoring and optional video and CTD outputs.

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