Reson 7125 Sv2 Multibeam System for Sale



Ocean Instruments has up for sale an ex-rental Reson 7125 dual frequency 200/400 multibeam sonar for sale.  Priced at $50,000.


Unit is in good working condition and includes pole mount and angle adjustment


Below is a current list of other sonars for rent:

ManufacturerInstrumentDescriptionUnits Available
Ping DSP3DSSInterferometric Sonar, multibeam and sidescan package1
NorbitIWMBSShallow water multibeam sonar with wide swath. 400 khz1
BiosonicsMXSingle beam sonar for hydrographic and vegetation mapping1
Edgetech4125Sidescan sonar for seafloor mapping and object detection1
KongsbergPulsarSidescan sonar ideal for small vessels and search and rescue operations1


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