Manta Net System


The MANTA Net is an improved design from the Neuston Net and is capable of a continuous-flow collection of organisms at the ocean surface.

The MANTA Net design and name is derived from the surface-feeding Manta Ray because of its paired, anterior extensions flanking the mouth that lends well for capturing organisms at the ocean surface.

The frame is supported at the ocean surface by a pair of aquaplanes projecting at right angles from the paravanes. The net is towed by a wire yoke with one short bridle and one long bridle in order to angle the net from the ship. The rigid frame construction and buoyant aquaplanes maintain a continuous rectangular net opening at the surface with a maximum depth of 15 cm.


All Aluminum construction

Nylon net can be purchased in 100-500 micron mesh

The system is available in 60 cm or 70 cm net diameter sizes

Category Description

Plankton Samplers provide marine biologists with a fully automated tool to collect plankton in the oceans, enabling analysis of plankton species distribution and abundance. Plankton sampling provides invaluable insights into numerous aspects of plankton dynamics and ecology including:

  • climate change
  • biodiversity and biogeography
  • eutrophication
  • harmful algal blooms
  • fisheries investigations
  • plankton ecology
  • taxonomy
  • regime shifts
  • non-indigenous species.