MC-400 Multi Corer

MC-400Delivers undisturbed sediment and water samples to the surface

MC-400 Hedrick/Marrs Multi-Corer is specifically designed to retrieve sediment and water samples in lakes and shelf waters. It is constructed of anodized aluminum and carries four individually sealing Polycarbonate sample tubes. The sample tubes are sealed with a silicone rubber upper door gasket and a neoprene or carpet lower door seal. Each of the four sample tubes can be removed from MC 400 the coring unit for immediate processing in the laboratory without exposing their contents to the surface environment. Overall sample tube length is 58 cm., with a maximum penetration of 34.5 cm.

Maximum corer height of 197 cm allows efficient operation on smaller research vessels. The deck footprint is a mere 177 cm x 177 cm. Provisions have been made to carry up to two 4 liter water bottles that actuate as the frame legs touch bottom. With the positive sealing characteristics of the Hedrick/Marrs Multi-Corer, the researcher can be assured that the water overlying the sediment is the actual in-situ water and is not the result of water exchange on the way to the surface.


197 cm

177 cm
Height (fired)

197 cm
137 kg
Shipping weight
243 kg
Hard anodized 6061-T6 AL
Spyder & holders

Hard anodized 6061-T6 AL
Sample tubes

4, polycarboante
Tube size

10 cm diameter x 58 cm

Part Number and Description

Complete with frame, Spyder, 4 complete polycarbonate sample tubes and aluminum tube holders fitted with upper and lower doors, lead weight mold, spare parts kit with required special tools, assembly instructions. Ready for at-sea operations.

MC-400 SampleMC-400-1(4)

Sample Tube Holding Assembly, set of four 10 cm x 60 cm sample tubes, removeable holding assembly, upper and lower doors with all fittings and accessories. Fits Spyder assembly above.


Sample Tube Holding Assembly, 10 cm x 60 cm. Complete and ready for insertion into sampler Spyder assembly.


Sample tube, extruded Polycarbonate. Fitted with shoulder and bevel seal surfaces.


Sample Tube retainer ring, anodized aluminum.


Lower door mechanism, complete.


Upper door seal, PVC and Silicone rubber.


Wire hook, upper door, stainless steel.


Spring, upper door closing, stainless, 2 required.


Spring, lower door closing, stainless.


Lanyard assembly, upper door, complete.


Weight set, lead for weight stand and Spyder assembly.


Quick-fastener, for sample tube retainer ring, stainless.


Lower door, complete with rubber or carpet sealing surface.